Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fussy & Fancy First Challenge...

The 1st challenge over at the Fussy & Fancy blog is....."New".
This can be anything to do with something new, new home, beginnings, baby, job, etc.

I tried something new for me & tried to keep to a very simple card(this is simple for me, as I normally struggle with this).
For my cards I used:

Cuttlebug embossing & die cutting folders; Martha Stewart border punches; Bazzill card; Stampabilities- House Mouse stamp- "Yaaawn" The image as water coloured & 3-d with silicone glue

I so love this stamp, and most of the House Mouse stamps! I am starting to get a few of these stamps, but must stop from spending more money as I promised myself that this year I was going to use all the stamps & stash I already have!

Well no more snow over night- but no telling if we will get anymore today- it is forecast.
Bella actually likes it outside in the snow- she disappears for ages! We think she's sneaking off somewhere else warm for a couple of hours & then decides to come home! She managed to come home last night minus another collar! I managed to find an old one, the last one from the bottomless pit of cat collars! I got it on her this morning before I let her out- boy did I get a look that could kill!LOL!

Catch you later, as I've got a cup of tea with my name on it calling to me!

Teresa xx


Suzie Q said...

Hi Teresa,
you struggled?
well they look grand to me and the bunny looks so sweet!
your puddy tat sounds like a bundle of mischief x
Suzie qx

Justine said...

ah bless Bella, my cat won't even go out in the snow!
Your cards are all fab Teresa, love the gift bag and cards too!
Happy New Year and hope to see you soon...Justine x

Juanita said...

Beautiful baby cards. Thanks for being a part of our first challenge.

Fussy and Fancy Girl Juanita

Donna said...

Super sweet card Teresa, the bunny is sooo cute and the embossed background looks brilliant :) Donna x

Jennifer said...

Your cat sounds like a character. your card turned out great. Thanks for joining us at Fussy and Fancy!

Sarah K said...

Beautiful card I adore the stamp and have just started my collection of house mouse stamps. My monsters like going out in the snow also..... xx

ArdellaJ said...

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Krista said...

Fun Baby cards! Thanks for sharing them us at Fussy and Fancy.