Monday, 27 July 2009

Wot still no car.....

Can you believe that I still haven't got my car back from the garage! I took it over last Tues for the dent to be taken out & the re-spray and again they told me it wasn't ready- maybe this time tomorrow!!
I'm getting a little fed up with it now- how long does it take to spray a wheel arch, bumper, etc!
They told me Thurs that they had had trouble getting the correct colour match from Ford, they told me Friday the same & that the job wasn't finished & be dry in time- they told me today, that because they had had problems with the colour match that was why it had taken so long, and that they needed to polish it etc,before I could have it back, and that it should be ready Tuesday! Not definitely, but maybe!
Good job I'm not paying for the hire car I've had all week- I think the neighbour down the road will be a bit more careful before pulling out next time!

Not only this, but we had a leak in the utility room yesterday & had to pull all the plasterboard wall down between the downstairs shower room & pull out the cupboard against the wall, that ended up down the tip as it was rotten. I know this room was next on the list to redecorate, but we haven't finished the upstairs bathroom that we had to replace because we had a leak(again) in the shower- that went down to the kitchen, which we had to replace in March last year. I think I hate my house!!

Anyway, enough of my woes, and there are a few more of them too! Am getting ready to go to the SU Wheel class tonight over in Crawley - that should take my mind off things for a couple of hours anyway!

Catch you later,
Teresa xx

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