Saturday, 1 August 2009

Hip hip hooray....

I have my car back, looking good as new!!

Well I actually got it back on Tuesday and had the hire car collected on Thursday. Unfortunately, I have to pay for damage to the alloy wheel on the hire car, as I damaged it when I was coming back from CUL last Saturday. I decided to take the back way back home via Roffey & was pushed off the road on one of the winding & narrow bits of road, ending up down a gully in the road!
I didn't even notice it until they did the walk around check that they do, when they take the car back- luckily its on my DH credit card!!

I had an interview for a job on Weds afternoon- still waiting to hear if I have got through to the next interview & a 'cook off'. That I 'm not looking forward to at all!
I am now officially unemployed- and the thought is scary, as I have never not had a job since I left college, many moons ago! I hope something comes along soon.

Just to remind you that the SWU on line challenges start tonight for the next fortnight- have you signed up yet?? If not- why not..... go on over to the blog site & take a look- you'll have a great time.

Tonight the launch party starts with live chat & challenges at 7.00pm- I can't make tonight as I'm going out on my leaving meal with some of my colleagues- but hope everyone that does join them tonight has a good time.

Well catch you later as have a huge great basketful of ironing to do!

Teresa xx


Sarah K said...

Good luck with the job and glad you got your car back xx

Treacle said...

Wooo hoo glad you got your card back must mean we're getting a visit soon then lol.

Good luck with the job hunting i'm sure something will come your way soon


The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Glad your baby is back, she is such a beauty! Heidi xx