Monday, 31 August 2009

Yippeeeee!! Guess what I'll......

.. be watching tonight!!!!!!

Hubby went out this morning to do some chores and came back with some shopping- and a pressie for me!!

He only went & brought me my own copy of Twilight on DVD!!!!
I've read all the books, but still not seen the film- so now there's no excuse-crafting & job hunting maybe
taking a back seat today!! LOL

Still no news on the job front- not that I have been sitting on my laurels! - I have attended several interviews
& signed up to work with an Agency & registered with the Caterer on line, but still no joy!
Hopefully there is something out there for me! Might even retrain & take a plumbers course( although Hubby
laughed his socks off when I told him that !) How many lady plumbers do you know of??
Who knows what's around the corner, hey?

Well gonna have a go at some challenges, as not had many creative juices flowing lately!

Hope you all are gonna enjoy this lovely Bank Hol weather- as its glorious sunshine outside here!

Catch you later
Teresa xx


The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi there, you will love Twilight, its really good! Good for you, hope something comes along soon, if not I would book you when my plumbing needs sorting, lol! Take care hun, enjoy the film! Heidi xx

simplyfairies said...

Plummers course you go for it, if I lived nearer I would join you
! I would love to do that sort of thing!, go for it!!