Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

                                                                                                           Couldn't believe my eyes when I
got up yesterday morning and saw all that snow! Most of the schools around here were closed- so all the children down 
our road had a great time playing in the snow & making snowmen!
Not only did it snow heavily Monday, but we had more again last night!
Today however it has been disappearing slowly, so there isn't much left down our road- only the snowmen still standing!

Here's a picture of the back garden.

It wasn't much fun trying to get to work - although the roads were deserted!
Had to go in a we had a buffets to do & had to make sure all the catering teams got in so that the residents didn't go without lunches!

Bella decided that she did like the snow- thought I would let her out the front when I loaded the car for work this morning, thinking she would put a paw out in the cold snow & turn tail back indoors- did she heck! LOL! Spent the next 15 mins trying to get her in again- she kept darting under my car, under my husbands & next doors! She eventually fell for the rattling of the kitty treat bag- my husband closed in one way, me the other & we managed to pick her up & bring her in. She is desperate to go outside but hasn't been allowed yet as we have only just had her spade & she had another poorly paw again! Back to the vets again tomorrow to make sure its healed.
Well I wonder what tonight will bring!
Hope everyone gets to enjoy the snow, but takes care.

Teresa xx

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The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Poor Bella, she is so keen to play in the snow by the sounds of it. Molly hates the snow, she goes out does her business and comes straight back in, shaking her paws as she goes! Hope Bella gets on ok tommorrow at the vets. Lets hope snow stays away for Thursday, am looking forward to your party hun, see you then in my snow plough, lol Heidi xxx