Saturday, 8 November 2008


Just realised can't use this card for the Penny Black Challenge.. as it isn't a Penny Black stamp!!! Will have to try reading the instructions properly next time!! Oh well must be getting time for bed as am not paying attention to what I'm doing ( or am getting into holiday mode & thinking about all the things to do before we go!). Think its more of the former than the latter- holiday mode comes when checked in at the airport , waiting to board the plane - although don't want to go at moment as got to leave my baby behind for 2 weeks. Got to take her to the cattery, but know am going to be upset to leave her! What if she doesn't want to come home or doesn't love me anymore for leaving her!! I can't think about that now as too tired...
Teresa x

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NGCARDS said...

lol its okay, everyone has these moments! lol xxx