Monday, 6 October 2008

Bella's New Mode of Transport!

Yes you do need to carry me around everywhere- don't you know I have a poorly paw!

Been to the vets again this afternoon & at last they are happy that her paw is healing properly. Had to take her in last Friday to see how it was healing & if she could have her 2nd jabs, but they were not happy as it didn't seem to be getting better. We had to continue bathing her paw in salt water & giving her the antibiotics over the weekend, but thankfully it is much better. Mind you, you wouldn't think that there was anything wrong with her- she has been dashing around,jumping up & onto everything, and playfully biting & scratching us as though there was nothing the matter! Hope she grows more hair over her wound as she's going to have an odd looking paw!!

Teresa X

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Kim said...

Tee hee how very cute.....