Friday, 16 April 2010

There's a Thief on the Prowl...............

There's a tree thief on the prowl......
and they've stolen my trees from my garden!!!
I went to work yesterday & when I got back home & went out into the garden,
someone had been in and stolen it!!LOL

Not really.... we have decided to have an extension on the back for some extra
room- it was that or move house, which we decided was too expensive to do!
I thought this wasn't going to happen for a few months, but got told on Thurs
evening that someone would be round to cut the trees down at the back of the garden
as they were possibly going to start the project this Monday!!!

OMG- 6 weeks of mess, mud, scared pussycat running around the house and endless packets of chocolate biscuits
& teabags that I'm gonna have to buy now!

Keep telling myself it will be worth it, as I will have the 'sad room' all to myself upstairs-yeah!!
No more being told to move things, so that hubby can get to the desk or his filing drawers!!
I can leave my mess as it is! LOL
I will show pictures as it goes along, maybe.

Well last day of the Easter break- back to normality next week, although have been in for 3 days or so to do work & place orders ready to come back.
All those good ideas & things I was going to do- few of which happened!

Off to do the housework, as out for a Crafting day tomorrow with Mrs Wonka & another lovely lady called Helen Meighan.
Hopefully will show you what we did all day afterwards!

Enjoy the last day of the Easter hols..

Teresa xx
Sorry about the post- have tried to change it at least 10 times to get it to publish properly, but its having none of it

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Suzie Q said...

Hi Teresa,
You had me going there i kept studying the pics thinking - how could they!!!
how exciting for you enjoy your day tomorrow x
Suzie Qx