Friday, 20 November 2009

At Last........

At last I have managed to get my Mum up & running with her own blog!!!!
She has been very resistant as she doesn't think she would have anything to keep her blog updated with or that her cards that she has made would be up to what she has seen on other blogs! She is so wrong, as her cards are great- all she needs is some encouragement. Maybe some kind crafters would help me out here & take a peek at her blog, once she loads some pictures, which I know she was going to do over the next couple of days.
She has recently retired and is now doing the things she would like to do- and with some persuasion from me, making cards & crafting more(sorry Dad, she's starting to take over the spare room like I do at home!LOL)
heres her blog...Angies Attic

Some good news on the job front..... I have a temp position as Catering Manager at Coulsdon College till the end of term at Xmas, with a view that if everything works out, that there could be a permanent position for me when the new term starts in Jan. Whoopee!!
I would like to give a big thanks to Sally who I have been working for at the Agency, for putting me forward for this job, and also my hubby for putting up with me, while I have been looking for another job. Also to all those people who have been encouraging me, not to give up.

Catch you later, as off to get a cuppa & watch a bit of Children In Need.

Teresa xx


Treacle said...

Wooo hooo congratulations on the job front.

I'm nipping over to your mum's blog now


Suzie Q said...

Hi teresa,
So glad you have found a job and fingers crossed its yours for the keeping!
I would love to take a peek at your mums blog she will soon get hooked and probably post more than us put together lol!!
Suzie Qx

Mrs Wonka said...

Yeah! Congratulations on the job front, that is fantastic news!

I have become a follower of your Mums blog and can;t wait to see her creations!

Zoe x