Sunday, 27 June 2010

New Extension - Work in Progress.........

Thought would show a few pictures of the new extension we are having built at the moment. It feels like its taking forever, although its not really- its just all the dust I keep having to clear up constantly! It will be worth it in the end, especially as I will get the "Sad Room" all to myself!!!! Once the walls started to go up, it seemed to be much bigger than we thought- mind you the inner walls have still to go up & the wall for hubby's new office. There will be 3 windows in the roof, so we should gets lots of light inside still and hopefully not make the kitchen & dining room too dark. Can't wait to get it all finished- then there's decorating, redesign the garden, planting, new fencing...........!!!
Might show some more pictures later as we get more done!

Enjoy your Sunday...
Teresa xx


The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Wow its really coming along, not long now until you can sit in that lovely new room and craft!

The dust will go eventually, took about three weeks after our conservatory was finished.

hugs Heidi xx

Suzie Q said...

OOh! i bet you can't wait how exciting x
Suzie Qx