Sunday, 11 October 2009

Where oh where....

Where or where did Bella go????

I let Bella out a usual this morning & left the cat flap open for her to come in & out as she pleased and sat here in the craft room, sorry 'sad room' as my husband calls it. I knew she had come in for her breckies, but couldn't see her anywhere. Hubby had gone down to watch TV & make a cup of tea- and Bella had put herself to bed.......!!
That was until she got distracted by a small fly that flew too close to her and got eaten! She has no table manners!
Sorry the pictures aren't too good, but the curtains were still closed and I didn't put the light on so as not to wake her!!!! How sad am I????? I wouldn't mind but she always get in on my side of the bed- she already has her own dressing gown to sleep on, on my side of the bed!
The things we do for our pets, hey!!

Well gotta make some breakfast now, as hubby moaning that I don't feed him, so catch you later
Teresa xx

Teresa xx


Suzie Q said...

Hi Teresa,
how cute she really is your little bubba!!
thanks for sharing
Suzie #qx

Sarah K said...

Oh how lovely... I think we are all soft with our pets xx

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Wow she has certainly made herself at home, hasn't she! Molly has her own dressing gown too, they are so spoint! hugs Heidix