Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to one and all! Best wishes for a happy & prosperous 2009 to everyone. 
I hope you all had a good Christmas & that Santa delivered everything that you all wanted! 
I think I must have been a bad/naughty crafter this year as Santa didn't leave me any crafting goodies this year in my stocking!! LOL. My letter must have got lost in the post! 
I did however get a Nintendo DS with the Brain Training game (and boy do I need the brain training!!!).Have been trying to keep up with it every day- especially as my brain score at the moment is for a 64 year old!!! Hubby was better at 68years! LOL- My excuse is that I'm suffering with a cold at the moment & my brain is mushy! 
Hubby got Mario Go-Karting game & spare wheel for his Wii. We had to keep playing until I scored better than last place - all of 14 games!!! ( I still only managed to get to 8th place!!!) Bella Blue got some new toys from us & Granny Goodman!! Hubby said he couldn't believe that my mum brought  her some presents as well! She's one spoilt kitty!!

I'm afraid I haven't been keeping up to date with my blogging or keeping up with any challenges- been busy with work & not had many creative juices flowing lately! 
However my New Years Resolutions are to try to keep up with these, keep my sad room tidy (if that could ever happen!!) and use up more of the papers  & stash I have hoarded over the years, before buying more- easier said than done I fear!!!
A couple of Xmas pictures to share with you-

Bella helping to unwrap presents! Sorry the picture isn't very good- well it was an action shot!Hubby was given a Kung Fu Fighter by my sister. When you switched it on it cried out & kicked its leg out - much to the fascination of Bella!! It was sound activated & we had to turn it off in the end as it was driving us all potty!
Catch up with you later as I am going to  try to keep up with my resolutions - shall it be tidy my sad room -oops sorry my craft room- or make some cards? I think I know what it won't be !!

Teresa xx

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The Crafty Goat Girl said...

I love the piccies of the cats, what fun they had! Ive got brain training, really works, gets you thinking. Hope you had a good time, Heidi xxx